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BIG IDEAS & the 3rd Teacher

Wow! What a whirlwind of learning! It is hard to believe that today is the last day of my primary ABQ course. To consolidate my learning, here are two key ideas that have been valuable to my professional development.

Focus on the BIG IDEAS
As teachers, we need to ask ourselves: What do I want students to understand and be able to use, years from now after they've forgotten the details? Wiggins & McTighe talk about big ideas that "go beyond discrete facts or skills to focus on larger concepts, principles or processes. By clustering expectations and focusing on what is important in the curriculum, we are improving student understanding. It is through these big ideas that teachers can engage a variety of learning styles and abilities. We are moving away from being "content-driven" to a learning space where content becomes the tool to help students develop critical thinking skills. 

Consider The Third Teacher
In an earlier post What does your classroom say? I reflected on the importance of considering the physical and social space created in a classroom. This new learning has been integral to thinking about how I will structure the learning space for my students and how I set up professional learning opportunities with my colleagues. I think it is also important that we value the contributions of the second teachers (the other students/colleagues) How are are creating spaces that allow for us to learn from one another? 

In moving forward, I am excited to put these new ideas into action! In my own classroom and also in my central role I can see opportunities to put this new learning to work:) Shifting thinking to focus on the BIG IDEAS, the concepts and skills that will stick with learners in the future. Being mindful of the physical and social learning spaces that I create will support creative, collaborative and deep integrative thinkers! Thanks @lizgregugo for facilitating some great learning!

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