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Me? A primary teacher?

My very first classroom teaching experience was a grade 7 class at Tecumseth Beeton Public School. (This also happened to be the school I attended as a student!) I loved the critical thinking and teenage angst that comes with teaching intermediate students. This was my place and my comfort zone. I even traded my kindergarten duty so that I didn't have to spend recess opening pudding containers and dealing with spilled milk.....For 6 years, I stayed happily in the intermediate division. 

So why take the plunge into primary? Well, my first reason was prompted by wanting to know more about how students first learn to read. My struggling readers in grade 7 and 8 were missing something and I wanted to dig deeper. The other reason was inquiry and play-based learning. I have had the opportunity to visit and work in a number of kindergarten and primary classes this past year and what I saw astounded me! Students learning through play, self-directing and documenting their learning - AMAZING! (a shout out to Kate Hitch, Crystal Carbino, Susan McKittrick & Heather Ma)

So here I am, taking my primary ABQ course and excited for this next learning adventure! I will be sharing my learning and reflections on this blog:)

So what makes a primary learner different? Based on the readings and videos I have been absorbing throughout this course here are a few things I think might be important:

5 Things I want to remember as a primary teacher
1. Consider the environment as a the third teacher - co-create the space with student interests in mind
2. Create a safe and caring classroom culture where health and well-being are respected
3. Provide opportunities for purposeful play, and playing for the sake of playing
4. Ensure that learning and inquiry is student driven and developmentally appropriate
5. "It takes a village to raise a child"- DECEs, parents & colleagues - everyone plays a vital role in the development of a primary student

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