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The chicken or the egg?

Which came first? Does our society form and influence our education system and curriculum, or does  education create the conditions for how our society changes and evolves?

Society's values and beliefs are maintained and passed on not just through teaching about them, but also through the very nature of our educational systems. So I wonder, why is it that education systems appear to be so slow to change? We have jobs and careers that didn't even exist when John Dewey wrote "My Pedagogic Creed" in 1897. However many aspects of education are still the same as they would have been over 100 years ago (e.g. subjects taught in isolation, teacher-centered, rote memorization) Would this be acceptable in the field of medicine or law? I think not.

In his Pedagogical Creed, Dewey wrote "I believe that education, therefore, is a process of living and not preparation for future living." (1897) I wholeheartedly agree and believe that we need to continue to shift and evolve our education practices to support the learners we have in front of us. We are not preparing students for the 21st century.....it is already here! We need to stop worrying about preparing students and start engaging them in learning and life.

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